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To maintain your body weight and planning to switch to a healthy eating, this plan is best suited for you. Just to give you a bit of overview, our weight loss program purely works on the basis of balanced healthy food and nutrition. We believe in creating a healthy lifestyle We believe in creating a healthy lifestyle rather than promoting quick weight loss/gain diets, pills or use of supplements. You will get proper guidance for loosing the weight with easy tips and less burden in your mind and lifestyle

Dt. Amrata Karande Jaykar

Nutritionist, Experience- 5 Years

3500 3300 1 Month


3500 3300/ 1 Month

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Mumbai - 421501

M Amrata Jaykar qualified dietician with masters degree in clinical nutrition and dietetics with 5 yrs of Experience in the field. Moto of life is to make people fooducated and resolve health issue with nutrition and dts how I name it as HeAL wITh Nutrition.

Dt. Garima Nagpal

Nutritionist, Experience- 4 Years

3500 3300 1 Month


3500 3300/ 1 Month

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- 110027

Healthy Living is an initiative by Garima Nagpal, who is a graduate in Food and Nutrition from Delhi University and is having post- graduation diploma in Dietetics and Hospital Food Service from IHM, Pusa. She started her career as a dietician in bariatric department in Primus super specialty hospital. Healthy Living not only provides basic weight management diet charts but works with you personally for your overall health including diabetes, thyroid and PCOD management.

Dt. Rashida Sidhpurwala

Nutritionist, Experience- 15 Years

4000 3300 1 Month


4000 3300/ 1 Month

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secunderabad - 500015

Im a nature lover, cyclist, yoga practitioner and a mother of 2 kids. Since staying fit and having a well toned body have never been a very challenging job for me, Ive been coaching many others sine 15 years to mend their lifestyles and live healthier. Im most interested in helping one get fit and stay fit for life and not for a temporary period and so no temporary quick fixes are suggested, nor do I recommend starvation, restrictive or deprivation diets. Only small, simple and subtle changes should be made in the current routine so that the changes made can be sustained for life long.

Dt. Shreya roy chowdhury

Nutritionist, Experience- 5 Years

3500 3000 1 Month


3500 3000/ 1 Month

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Kolkata - 700***

Good health involves striking the right balance between one's physical,mental and emotional health.I believe that nutrition is the first step in achieving this balance.As a dietitian, I am here to improve my client's eating habit and to help my clients to make the right choices as per their requirements and to understand the importance of food and nutrition in order to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Dt. Dr.asha Chhabra

Nutritionist, Experience- 8 Years

3100 2900 1 Month


3100 2900/ 1 Month

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- 110062

Practicing in the field of weight loss management since 8 years. Commiting loss of 3-4 kgs in a month with natural diet & food products.

Dt. Swetha ashok

Nutritionist, Experience- 5 Years

3500 3300 1 Month


3500 3300/ 1 Month

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- 400063

Swetha is a Masters in Biochemistry and Diploma in Nutrition with 2 years of research work in the field of nutrition. This experience of hers not only helps her plan out sustainable diets for her clients but also help them with the right foods with the right energies. Has worked with clients across the globe and has in-depth knowledge of nutrition with respect to each person and body type. Her job is not only to give you a diet but she believes in educating them about their lives and needs to take the step towards a healthy lifestyle. Her motto is to make this a life long understanding and not just a temporary solution. The Approach is to take things step-by-step and not just hurry with weight loss.

Dt. Anagha Desai

Nutritionist, Experience- 4 Years

4500 4100 1 Month


4500 4100/ 1 Month

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- 400610

Hey! I'M Anagha :) An Entrepreneur/Nutripreneur, a dietitian/nutritionist, optimist, and extremely dedicated to helping you transform your life & become the best version of yourself! Born & brought up in Mumbai. I was always a curious child. Curious about human body, food, and how it affects our mind & body. We all have heard this- We are what we eat. But honestly speaking nobody knows the real meaning of this sentence. I am very happy to share it with you! I'm also passionate about: writing, singing, psychology, entrepreneurship, creativity, spirituality, and fitness just to name a few. A very common question which I'm often asked is "Why did you choose this field?"  Since my childhood I was never overweight, thanks to my strong digestive fire. As being a pitta personality, anger was just beneath the surface of my skin. Due to which i had a lot of body heat. I never had any weight issues but started getting other issues like ulcers; skin issues like rash,etc. which was a wake-up call for me and made me think about my eating pattern. I realized that eating right with some exercise and yoga was the only solution I had.                                                        I had a lot of questions in my head regarding diet and exercise & I landed up in Nirmala Niketan college where I specialized in Foods, Nutrition, and Dietetics, then I did my Masters in Nutrition & Dietetics from Symbiosis International University (Pune), and worked for a year in a pharma company where I specialized in Diabetes sector. While working over there I realized that what we learn in college and what actually works in the real world is completely opposite. Theory doesn’t work in practice. I used to give diet to my colleagues in the corporate world, where I was made to think about the more practical approach.    Currently I have published my book- WIN THE WEIGHT LOSS GAME at amazon where I have mentioned the easiest way to lose weight without stressing yourself. My clients often tell me how my personality is just right for my profession. I Would like to help people like me to gain more balance into their life by taking care of their internal health, as outer beauty is dependent on our inner beauty! I want to help you find the beauty within you and not just depend on the external sources to treat your problems. We shall work together at every step towards your lifestyle modification journey. I will guide you on how to eat, when to eat and what to eat. You are just required to eat right, follow the correct timings, portion control and do some exercises that’s all, and yes the most important thing, don’t give that weighing scale the liberty to judge your inner beauty! :) With love, Anagha Desai Nutritionist

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