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Building muscle without the intake of harmful steroids is not hard. All it requires is careful planning and aligning that to your goal. Together we define a goal that matches your expectations and our principles. Gaining muscle requires a well balanced combination of protein, carbs and healthy fats. All of this is possible with the intake of food that we already have in our kitchens. We do not promote any brand or supplement, however we may prescribe you supplements when we feel the need based on your goals.

Dt. Pallavi Singh

Nutritionist, Experience- 0 Years

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At Nutri-versity we guide you through the most scientific yet easy to follow nutrition solutions which add a value to your journey towards being healthy

Dt. Preeti Malhotra

Nutritionist, Experience- 1 Years

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I am Preeti Malhotra, a well qualified dietitian with the ability to guide my patient towards the right health goals. I have 1yrs experience in this field. Healthy diet and proper nutrition is essential for good health. It not only help us to maintain our health but even improves our overall lifestyle. so my priority is to guide my clients to make prudent choices as ‘The new tradition is good nutrition’ . Eat well, move more and live longer.